High impact resistance and penetration strength, good self-adhesive

- Mar 20, 2019-

What is the packaging effect of stretch film? With the continuous development of society, stretch film has been widely used in various industries, especially in the logistics industry, stretch film is a kind of transparency, elasticity and strength and no The toxic and harmless soft polyethylene plastic film meets international environmental protection standards. Stretch film has the advantages of toughness, impact resistance, transparency and self-adhesiveness. It can prevent moisture, dust and reduce labor and improve efficiency, whether it is used for collective packaging or cargo pallets of products, to protect products and reduce costs. .

The stretch film is tough, has high impact resistance and penetration strength, good self-adhesiveness, transparency, does not enlarge the cargo volume after packaging, can be shockproof, moisture proof, and strong protection. It is a very popular packaging form in the world. Stretch film is widely used in the wrap of food, tobacco, medicine and other products. The stretch film has a wide variety of functions and functions. The packaging equipment for all or part of the wrapped product in flexible packaging is collectively called wrap, PE stretch film. It is one of the most important components of the packaging industry.

The use of stretch film for packaging can greatly reduce the production cost of the enterprise, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, improve the packaging efficiency and the packaging grade. The hand stretch film only needs a hand-held unwinding frame with damping brake, one person Hand-held wrapping package, light and flexible, suitable for local conditions, machine stretch film is suitable for batch packaging of goods, if used with winding machine will greatly improve production efficiency, make the package shape uniform and beautiful, packaging quality is fast.

The stretch film does not need to be heat-shrinked during the packaging process, which is beneficial to save energy, reduce packaging costs, facilitate assembly and transportation, and improve logistics efficiency. The “full loading and unloading” method combined with the pallet and the forklift reduces the transportation cost, and the high transparency also facilitates the identification of the packaged items and reduces the delivery errors. Production process conditions Casting method is long and narrow due to the long flow path, fast flow rate, the melt temperature range is generally controlled at 250 ° C ~ 280 ° C, the temperature of the casting chill roll is controlled at 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C, the winding tension is low Generally, it is within 10kg to facilitate the migration of the viscous agent and reduce the stress in the finished film.

Stretch film has a wide range of applications, mainly in conjunction with pallets, to package loose goods and replace small containers. Because it can reduce the cost of bulk cargo transportation and packaging by more than 30%, it is widely used in the whole package of hardware, minerals, chemicals, medicine, food, machinery and other products; in the field of warehouse storage, foreign countries also use more Stretch-wrapped film tray packaging for three-dimensional storage to save space and space.