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- Mar 20, 2019-

1. Try not to make paper cups for design and use full-color paper cups.

The full-color paper cup ink is overfilled, and the paper cup is produced and sealed directly. Solvent ink is dried

The organic compounds emitted during the process, the isopropanol in the alcohol wetting solution, and the volatile gases in the glazing coating are all harmful to human health.

In the sealed space, the full color of the paper cup covers the entire body. At the mouth of the cup, when we use the paper cup to drink water, the lips will pick up.

When you touch a certain position on the cup, it is easy to bring the above various chemicals together with the liquid into the body to affect your health. .

In general, we recommend that customers should not design a full-color color when designing and making paper cups, and the smaller the color, the better. Also in

It is also not advisable to design graphics near the mouth of the cup, especially the block color ink. Otherwise it will have the same bad effect.

2. The strip shape near the bottom of the cup should be raised by 5mm.

Because the cup is placed on the machine, the bottom of the cup is pressed 5mm to ensure the firmness of the bottom of the cup.

And the pressure effect makes it easy to make the graphics and text near the bottom of the cup, affecting the appearance. So when designing and making graphics

The text bar pattern near the bottom of the cup should be raised by about 5mm depending on the height of the bottom of the cup.