Good Surface Quality, Easy Processing, Material Saving

- Mar 20, 2019-

Steel is prone to rust in air and water, and the corrosion rate of zinc in the atmosphere is only 1/15 of the corrosion rate of steel in the atmosphere. The galvanized steel plate protects the steel plate with a dense galvanized layer to protect it from corrosion.

Steel-belt (steel-belt) refers to the conveyor belt made of carbon steel as the traction and carrying member of the belt conveyor, and can also be used for tying goods; it is the industrial production of various metals in various industrial enterprises in order to adapt to different industrial sectors. A narrow and long steel plate produced by the needs of mechanical products.

The steel strip, also known as strip steel, has a width of less than 1300 mm and a length that varies slightly depending on the size of each roll. The strip steel is generally supplied in rolls, and has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, easy processing, and material saving.

According to the materials used, the steel strips are divided into two types: ordinary strip steel and high-quality strip steel. According to the processing method, there are two types of hot-rolled steel strip and cold-rolled strip.

Steel strip is a steel with large output, wide application and variety. According to the processing method, it is divided into hot-rolled steel strip and cold-rolled steel strip; according to the thickness, it is divided into thin steel strip (thickness is not more than 4mm) and thick steel strip (thickness is more than 4mm); according to width, it is divided into wide steel strip (width is more than 600mm) And narrow steel strips (width not more than 600mm); narrow steel strips are divided into direct-rolled narrow steel strips and slit steel strips by wide steel strips; divided into original rolled surface and plated (coated) surface according to surface condition Steel strip; divided into general purpose and special (such as hull, bridge, oil drum, welded pipe, packaging, self-generated car, etc.) steel strip according to the purpose.