Waterproof, Moisture Proof, Dustproof, Strong Winding Force, Good Retractability

- Mar 20, 2019-

The packaging of the packaging tape is provided with a plastic packaging tape, a PET packaging tape, a PP packaging tape, a wrapping film, and a PE stretching film packaging tape, which is mainly composed of a packaging material, and the packaging material refers to a packaging container, a packaging decoration, and the like. Packaging printing, packaging and transportation, etc., which meet the packaging requirements of the product.

Stretch film is a film material produced by linear low-density high-pressure plastic particles (LLDPE) through co-extrusion casting equipment. It is mainly used for large cargo pallet packaging, enhancing the stability of cargo packaging and facilitating storage and transportation. Widely used in the packaging of building materials, chemicals, glass, ceramics, electronics, metals, auto parts, wire, paper, cans, daily necessities, food and other industries. Hand-made films are mainly used for manual packaging and do not require any equipment. They are suitable for units that are used in small quantities or occasionally. The width is usually 500mm, and it can be cut to a smaller width as needed, but at a higher cost, the film thickness is usually 20UM. Features: Transparent, waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. Strong winding force, good retractability and high self-adhesiveness can firmly wrap the scattered products into a whole, so as to improve the efficiency of handling and avoid looseness and loss. Improve product protection and product quality. It is mostly used for pallet winding packaging in enterprises and logistics industries.